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BDAS Consulting represents more than 25 years relevant experience positively impacting corporate and manufacturing performance. Support multi-million dollar projects, drive cross-functional teams toward top level corporate objectives and maximize bottom line results. Analyze organizational and client requirements against market/competitive conditions and develop client-centric/industry specific solutions.

Prefessional Services Offered

  1. Contract Sales and Sales Training
  2. Program and Event Management
  3. Business Development
  4. Lean Manufacturing / Continuous Improvement (5-S Systems/Six Sigma)
  5. Marketing with Statigic/Tactical Strategy
  6. Logistics and Trucking

Contract Sales / Sales Training

BDAS Consulting allows companies to focus on their core competencies, improve profitability and ultimately lower costs for the clients they serve by assisting companies in the sales and marketing of their products and/or services.
Providing many services ranging from:

  • Sales and territory alignment
  • Incentive compensation plans
  • Call Centers (domestic/international)
  • Hiring/Training of reps
  • Managing reps


BDAS Consulting

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Business Development

  • Hire the Right Person at the Right Time
  • Business Development Is Not Sales
  • Post-Deal Management Is Crucial
  • Qualitative Versus Quantitative
  • Support for Business Development Is Essential
  • Establish a Framework for Assessing Opportunity
  • Make Deals Carefully
  • There Are No Legal Issues

Lean Manufacturing
5-S System
(Area Organization)

The 5 S’s actually stand for Japanese terms, which loosely translate as Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. A place for everything. Everything in its place. Clean. Organized. Shadow boards. Labels. Transparent containers. Clear posted instructions. Color codes. All appropriate tools where needed and fit for use. Remove the un-needed. Place infrequently used items out of the way.

Logistics / Trucking

Labor costs, operational inefficiencies, capital investment and structure, as well as risk management are continuing challenges for trucking / logistics organizations. Even as the U.S. economy gradually improves, the transportation and logistics industry continues to face uncertainties. Trucking, in particular, is coping with driver shortages, rising toll and fuel costs, an aging highway infrastructure, and continued government regulation. Nonetheless, in order to maintain current service levels and meet anticipated future increased demand, trucking companies should be assessing their competitive position now, while planning and finding ways to enhance their competitive advantages going forward.

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About Steven Scott


Consultant, Business Executive and Entreprenuer

Graduating from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business with a minor in Marketing, Mr. Scott began his career with Norwest Financial. After several years expanding a career in the banking loan business with a local community branch office. A banking client Mr. Scott was working with introduced him to an opportunity to work with Southwestern Bell; one of the largest bell companies in the 1980s.

Starting a new career in sales at Southwestern Bell in a new marketing division, the Silver Pages, Mr. Scott built a successful sales division achieving the national #1 position for several years. In his 6th year he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager and began his experience training and motivating sales representatives. Two years in his RSM position, Mr. Scott achieved national recognition for the top sales region and then promoted to National Director of Business Development. As a RHC (Regional Holding Company) the divestiture with the baby bell companies, the Silver Page division was sold to MAST Industries.

Mr. Scott was then recruited by the Thomas Register to expand the Southern California region for industrial/manufacturing advertising sales. In 5 years of service, Mr. Scott averaged sales growth of over 200% annually and accomplishing top salesmen awards for 3 of his years of service. Working with a diversified manufacturing client list, Mr. Scott realized that there was a need for a niche market within the cd and dvd industry. With this knowledge, he took his 15 years of business development, sales and manufacturing experience to take on an entrepreneurial venture and begin building a CD/DVD replication business.

Mr. Scott was successful in his pursuit and process of building a full service plastic injection molding CD / DVD replication facility complimented with both offset/silk printing, packaging and worldwide distribution. In 9 years the company grew from a home office presence to a 155,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Being in the manufacturing industry, the applications of Lean Manufacturing was essential for the competitive CD/DVD industry. This gave Mr. Scott a great opportunity to work with Toyota (a marketing client) and learn the Lean Six-Sigma process first hand. Not only did the Lean processes improve efficiency and increase profits, it allowed the company to acquire larger clients that required complex packaging movements.

Realizing that the cd/dvd industry began to change; the company designed, engineered, produced and manufactured the inaugural OBC (optical business card). The company was cutting edge in engineered specialized cutting for mini custom CD/DVD shaped designs enhancing client’s promotions, sales, marketing and advertising objectives. Digital response tracking was introduced to complete turnkey marketing applications for clients to get an accurate ROI.

The company served several industries within the fortune 500; Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Logistics and Warehousing, Textile, Software and Apparel along with local, regional and national Government Agencies.

The Company was sold after the 10th year of being in business with a consulting exit strategy to support the new owner. In the 3rd year of the exit strategy, the new ownership moved the company to Europe to sustain several European clients.

This allowed Mr. Scott to begin his consulting firm, BDAS Consulting, in 2008 to share his Business Development, Sales, Manufacturing/Operations knowledge and training experience to help other companies improve their position within their industries. Currently BDAS Consulting is supporting business strategies with several small/medium businesses, fortune 500 companies and international clientele.

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Clients Serviced

Juvin N. - VP Operations - Crane

Scott A. - Project Executive - IBM

David S. - Project Manager - Michelin US

Paul W. - CEO - Diageo


  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 5-S System
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Continuous Improvement
  • CME
  • CSE
  • SCPS
  • NASP
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